Cleaning & Restoration Services

  • Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Site Sharps/Needle Inspection
  • Stolen Vehicle Sharps Inspection
  • Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Deceased Estate Site/House Clean Ups
  • Squalor or hoarder restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Forensic or crime scene clean up

Following a fire or water damage, appropriate and immediate attention must be given to the sometimes difficult task of evaluating the damage and beginning property restoration.

The building and its contents may continue to be damaged even after the water has stopped running or the flames are extinguished. Corrosive smoke residue, moisture, mould, and on occasions, vandals begin to take their toll. The result of a late or inappropriate response can be devastating. Assistance from qualified professionals with experience in handling these types of problems will save you time, stress and money.

Stainaway specialises in providing restoration services to both commercial and residential buildings and their contents.

Our fire and water damage restoration facilities combined with qualified staff, allow us to coordinate and control all stages of the restoration process.

The Stainaway team is committed to quality service and attention to detail. Every job will be handled professionally and completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In the restoration industry, professional technicians are both accredited and recognised through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). IICRC Certified Restorer status sets a standard that distinguishes restoration professionals from other cleaning and restoration contractors.

IICRC Certified Restorers undergo stringent entrance requirements including years of proven experience, a demanding program of training with a written examination, and evidence of good character and business reputation.

Our restoration technicians are specifically trained to handle fire, water and forensic related damage. Their expertise, combined with the proper equipment and facilities, ensure professional and cost effective results on every job.

Structures damaged by smoke, sewage, or other environmental contaminants require specific and specialised treatments. Stainaway provide clear and accurate estimates and on site loss evaluations and photo documentation if required.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect, locate, and properly treat the contaminated areas including structural cavities and areas with difficult access.

Stainaway has the necessary equipment required to clean, deodorise, and decontaminate safely and effectively.

As repairs are made to the structure, Stainaway also provides complete cleaning and restoration to the contents.

If required, fire or water damaged contents are inventoried, carefully packed, and then transported to our restoration facility for processing and secure storage.

When only minor damage occurs, we provide on site cleaning. Both on-site and in-plant restoration alternatives ensure professional results.

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